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I suck, therefore I do

When picking a new goal I like to think of what I suck on the most and tackle it directly. Obviously I'm terrible at many things so I never run out of goals. For the rest of 2014 and next year I plan to focus on the following.


I realized how terrible I am at swimming and running. I haven't figured out how bad I am at biking so I'm assuming I'll be terrible at it. I recently made an adjustment based on some of the awesome videos from Crossfit Endurance and my lower back pain is going away when I run. I think I will eventually like it. When I swim my legs tend to sink so I have to move them as fast as possible to keep swimming. This gets me tired quickly so I need to learn what adjustments I need to make to compensate for that. I'll get to it as soon as I'm a better runner.


This is my first post on this blog. I finally got started! I'm a terrible writer. I learned how to write in Spanish my first 14 years of age. There are many words that I have a hard time using, some I don't even understand, some I don't know when/how/where to use. Punctuation is even worse. I hope that over time this will get better.

I don't expect many people to read my blog. I mainly do it to leave an online legacy for my kids and to get better at writing. If for whatever reason you end up reading my blog and see something I can improve on, please point it out (even spelling mistakes).


I enjoy laughing. It feels great. I'm terrible at telling jokes. Maybe I can combine comedy and writing on some blog posts. I will start by reading comedy and I see what I can learn from it.

I'll have my hands full for the next few years.

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